The Tay Eng Soon Endowment focuses on the advancement of science, by enhancing knowledge and developing skills in various fields including science and technology, and mathematics. The endowment is a tribute to one of the pioneer leaders of Singapore, Dr Tay Eng Soon, who shaped our science and technical education system in the early years of industrialisation in Singapore.

Dr Tay had a lifelong interest in inspiring and encouraging young students to take an interest in science. Dr Tay spent 12 years in the Education Ministry as Minister of State (1981 to 1988) and subsequently Senior Minister of State (1988 to 1993). He set the foundation for the development of polytechnics which are widely recognized today as best-in-class institutions.

To date, the beneficiaries of the Tay Eng Soon Endowment include the NUS High School of Mathematics and Science and the Singapore Science Centre.