Temasek Foundation supports a diverse range of programmes that uplift lives and communities in Singapore and beyond. Temasek Foundation's programmes, made possible through philanthropic endowments gifted by Temasek, strive towards achieving positive outcomes for individuals and communities now, and for generations to come. Collectively, our programmes strengthen social resilience, foster international exchange, and advance science and nature. Together, Temasek Foundation Cares, Temasek Foundation Connects, Temasek Foundation Ecosperity, Temasek Foundation Innovates, Temasek Foundation International and Temasek Foundation Nurtures are Temasek Foundation, to reflect our common purpose of doing good in uplift lives and advance communities in Singapore and beyond. For more details, please visit



Developing Talent, Fostering Learning and Growth

A Community of Passionate Learners who Contribute to Society

Since 2011, Temasek Foundation Nurtures – then known as Temasek Education Foundation – has been a proud supporter of institutions that develop talent and foster learning and growth, especially for the young in the areas of music, arts, sports, mathematics and science, engineering and technology.

Today, we have broadened the focus of our work to include nurturing not only extraordinary talents, to more generally, young people of Singapore. While we continue to aim for excellence, the Foundation also seeks to ensure a holistic and inclusive approach to our work, and to build a community of people with values and character. The work of Temasek Foundation Nurtures focuses on three key areas: Excellence, Character Development and Inclusivity and Integration

Our Focus Areas


  • Programmes that support high potential students, with the view that they will eventually be well-rounded students who contribute to society.
  • Programmes that support staff development, with the view that this will contribute to an enhancement of institutional capabilities.
  • Programmes that improve the overall excellence of the institution.

Character Development

  • Programmes that encourage character building in the young.
  • Programmes that provide holistic development, build core values, strengthen social and emotional competencies, thereby positively shaping attitudes and behaviour of our young.

Integration & Inclusivity

  • Programmes that enable interactions with people from other communities, on a sustained basis.
  • Programmes to enable people to spread their passion for learning to others, especially those who may otherwise not have access to the subject matter.

Our Endowments

Temasek Foundation Nurtures manages six of these endowments:

a) David Marshall Endowment for Arts and Culture
b) E W Barker Endowment for Sports
c) Tay Eng Soon Endowment for Science and Technology, and Mathematics
d) Singapore Symphony Orchestra Endowment and Singapore Chinese Orchestra Endowment for Music
e) Scholarship Fund Program for instilling values-centric foundation in Singapore’s children