Opportunities for all

The strongest role models for Tan Yong Yi, a fifth year student in NUS High School, are his parents. They have always emphasized to him the virtues of hard work, as well as the need for humility. From young, Yong Yi has seen his father toiling day and night to make ends meet, while his mother stayed at home to watch over the family. He developed his perseverance to achieve through his parents’ continuous support, and is one who upholds good character and values.

Yong Yi is one of the beneficiaries of NUS High School’s programmes which were funded by the Tay Eng Soon Endowment managed by Temasek Foundation. In 2017, he went on a trip to Yakutsk, Siberia, to participate in the Tuymaada International Olympiad, where top students congregate to pit their talents in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Informatics, in the quest to be the best in the region. Being an avid science student with a deep passion in Chemistry, this competition was an exciting opportunity for Yong Yi to put his Chemistry knowledge to the test. Yong Yi did everyone proud, when he succeeded in getting the Bronze medal. Yong Yi also benefitted in other ways, as he had the opportunity to make new friends, interact with and learn from like-minded youth from around the world.

Yong Yi’s other notable achievements include winning first place in the Youth Category of the Asian Scientist Writing Prize in 2017, which was co-organised by the Singapore Science Centre and Asian Scientist Magazine. The contest drew 227 entries from 16 countries and territories. An all-rounder, Yong Yi has also represented NUS High School in Chess and Track and Field competitions.

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